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Stacey Karuhanga, MSW

Stacey Karuhanga is a registered Social Worker in Canada. She holds a Master's degree in Social Work (MSW), specializing in Mental Health and Health. She has experience working with infants, children and youth who have emotional, behavioural and social difficulties. Additionally, she has worked with adults living with mental illness and concurrent disorders. Stacey currently works as a Child and Family Therapist. 



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Emilia Lorenz, Pos. Psychologist MSc

Emilia Lorenz is a positive psychologist from Regensburg, Germany. She focuses on mental health education and frequently shares tips and resources which help you to understand and boost your mental health. From her own personal experiences (having been diagnosed with both depression and panic disorder) she now wishes to share her knowledge of recovery with others. You can find her content on these various platforms =>


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