Another Lovely Busking Night @Usquare NYC!! 02/03/2017

Busking in NYC is something else! Its not always the same Ha. Sometimes you lug all that equipment.. down the stairs, up the stairs, into the subway, out of the subway and ready to play some music! Only to find the spot you want is taken. You either get lucky and find another spot, wait it out, or lug all that equipment back home.. Womp Womp lool. I usually get pretty lucky on a Friday or Saturday night though, at Union Square:) 

Sometimes I am eager to play for a pretty exciteable late night crowd, connecting with them, conversing and having fun. Sometimes I am more introverted and into the music, hoping that it touches someone in some way as I express myself. But its Always Worth It and meaningful for me. Getting to do what I love, connecting with people, practicing and earning some money. I especially love the magical moments. Its a High for me. 

This past Saturday was awesome! Felt so much love, and positive Vibes and got new Nessa Dove supporters:D Also, I noticed something that especially touched my heart. I am always greatful for all support, donations etc. But when I see someone who clearly doesn't have much, but is moved so much by the music they feel compelled to give a dollar or whatever they have in their pockets.. I smile. Got a pic of this lovely man below, not sure if he was homeless.. but appeared so. He was grooving and singing along to "Stand by Me".. he just had to make his contribution. Thnx Dude. Appreciate you. Keep shining. 


Also; If you click the bottom pic in B/W with the crowd, it will direct you to a small Video Clip of Crowd and Performance from Mikiya, the drummer's, instagram page.