Love love love-Needed *U.S.A Elections Nov 8th 2016*

Oyy, moods are low, people are scared and divided. We need more positivity and love being spread right now that's for sure. "You can't drive out darkness with darkness, only Love can do that" -MLK. Not to understate what's going on, but we have to live with this, make the best and not worry ourselves sick. Let's find ways to see the positive and do what we personally can do to initiate the change we want to see in this country and world. Whatever that means to you. If Trump can become president, You can do and be anything! Don't take "No" for an answer! He is 1 person. You are 1 person. You CAN make a difference. Be the light in someone's day. Smile, laugh, tell a joke, share art, share music, share love. We need you ️️🏽<3

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