Nessa Dove was born in Montreal, Canada. She comes from a varied East African heritage which includes roots in Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda. Nessa grew up in Oshawa, Canada and later moved to Maryland with her family. She now resides in New York City where she pursues her love; Music.

Young Vanessa held fake mics and jammed with her toy guitar, singing along with Michael Jackson as her parents cheered along and watched her stage family shows. At age 6, young Vanessa performed 'Santa Claus is Coming to Town' at her elementary school Christmas presentation. It didn't take long for her to pick up drums and drum along to songs like 'Louie Louie' at other school performances. She caught the bug..

When she finally picked up the electric guitar, her soul was ignited. Her musical palette became more diversified and she was inspired and influenced by artists like Jimi Hendrix, Prince, Lauren Hill, Alanis Morissette, Michael Jackson among many others. These artists provided her a sense of wonder, and a desire to hone her talent. She brings an old school approach and applies raw guitar talent that uniquely defines her niche. Nessa spends time on her craft; she writes, arranges, and produces most of her music. If she's not performing, she's probably doodling somewhere with her guitar. 

Her love of the electric guitar has dubbed her "the wah wah girl" or "lady hendrix" as in her songs you may hear virtuostic wah-wah induced solos, hard hitting rhythms, and tasty licks but it is her songwriting, melodies, and catchy hooks that really captivate listeners. Her voice has been described as "sweet nectar" as she delivers sweet lows, but then erupts with powerful belts that create a dynamic listening experience. Her sound is an authentic mix of pop, rock, blues with a soulful delivery.

Nessa has performed at well known venues along the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles such as the Key Club, New York City venues like The Bitter End, Arlene’s Grocery and venues in Washington DC and Baltimore. Nessa can currently be found performing around NYC solo or with her band.

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